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Added by Markéta S over 1 year ago

Hi all,

maybe somebody is solving this problem and could help me?

we are Redmine Helpdesk in our company. We use POP3 with SSL to fetch e-mails from Office365 account.
Microsoft is planning to disable basic authentication in the second half of 2021.The only way how to use pop3 after that is modern authentication.

Does or will Redmine support modern authentication OAuth2? How to implement it?
We are afraid we will not be able to fetch e-mails after that.

Thank you.

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RE: Redmine Helpdesk - modern auth - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti 7 months ago

Hi, I'm investigating too. Did you solved the problem?

RE: Redmine Helpdesk - modern auth - Added by Neilton Vieira 3 months ago

I have same problem.

Did you solved this problem?

RE: Redmine Helpdesk - modern auth - Added by Pavel Rosický 3 months ago

unfortunately, the basic Redmine currently doesn't offer OAuth2 for POP3/IMAP but is the way to go

it's just a basic authentication. The plugin doesn't offer a setup interface and you'll also need some logic to refresh existing tokens for offline access.

I wrote a plugin based on it and I can confirm it works fine for google and office365 accounts, but it's proprietary, so I can't share it.

RE: Redmine Helpdesk - modern auth - Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) about 1 month ago


We in RedmineUP are already working on this problem. And new auth will be implemented in the next release.

But the new type of authentication added more complexity to the plugin setup, because you will have to register your Redmine as an application in Office365 or GMail