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17:52 Redmine Help: RE: prevent a user from seeing other issue created by another user
Hello, yes should be possible.
You have to use roles for issuer and assignee with Issue Visibility attribute set to ...


15:48 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 4 All users within project Privileges
Hello, the problem is with _Issues Visibility_ options you choose for the role in the attached image. You have "Issue...
15:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Can Redmine connect to Yo Whatsapp?
Hello, you need to build a redmine plugin to integrate with "this":https://www.whatsapp.com/business/api I suppose.
15:20 Redmine Help: RE: Broken MyPage for single user
Florian Brombauer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Problem with my "My Page"
> [CUT]
> My coworkers don't have ...
15:06 Redmine Help: RE: looking for a sso saml2 plugin
Julien Dupont wrote:
> Hello Teams,
> I'm looking for a plugin sso saml2 for redmine 4.2.x
> any suggestions p...
15:00 Redmine Help: RE: Connect 2 different Redmine ticketing systems, any tool?
Hello, IMO The only way to achive this is through a integration plugin with 2-way messaging through Redmine API.
14:56 Redmine Help: RE: User configuration broken ?
Emmanuel DUMAS wrote:
> hello
> On my server, file your_redmine_path/log/production.log is empty :
> xxx@x...
14:54 Redmine Help: RE: Rest Api for journal relations, journals and parent id
Sukrit Jain wrote:
> Lorenzo Meneghetti wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > [CUT]
> Hi Lorenzo,
> Thanks for your...
14:44 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 4 All users within project Privileges
Hello, please review your knowledge of "roles":https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineRoles.
Every red...


19:57 Redmine Help: RE: Azure AD Login
Hello, never tried before but Redmine is provider agnostic so you should check for Azure AD capabilities usign old LD...

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