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17:11 Redmine Patch #33664: evaluate acts_as_activity_provider's scope lazily
sure, building a new scope is an expensive operation


12:56 Redmine Patch #33664 (New): evaluate acts_as_activity_provider's scope lazily
acts_as_activity_provider's scope is evaluated at require time, we should build the scope after it's actually used


00:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: What should be the corrosponding version of PostgreSQL for using it with Re...
I don't think Rails 3 + pg 0.17.1 support even PostgreSQL v10. You should really consider an upgrade.


13:40 Redmine Patch #33567 (Closed): Fix typo in watchers_controller.rb
find_objets_from_params -> find_objects_from_params


11:40 Redmine Feature #7056: Download all attachments at once
Yuichi HARADA thanks, it looks good!
but I'm getting a warning...


23:27 Redmine Patch #33244 (Closed): Replace "**" method with bitwise left shift in Tracker#disabled_core_field...
this patch replaces a power function with a less expensive shift


19:21 Redmine Patch #33226 (Closed): Skip thumbnail tests if ImageMagick convert command is not available
19:15 Redmine Patch #33225 (Closed): Czech translation update
18:32 Redmine Defect #32737: Duplicate sort keys for issue query cause SQL error with SQL Server
for reference #29581 caused the issue
patches 32737-remove-duplicate-keys.patch and gantt.rb.patch should be applied
16:56 Redmine Defect #33224: SQL Server: A column has been specified more than once
ahh sry, it is a duplicate.

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