external check if user is logged in

Added by Peter Waver over 7 years ago

i want to open a webapplication in a redmine wiki page (via iframe). I have a macro to put pure html on a wiki page.
But I need to login to the application wich is showed in the iframe.

Is it possible to check, if the user is logged in into redmine? If yes i can auto log into the webapplication (in the iframe)
The application is written in java - so i dont want to write it as a redmine plugin.

Or is there another way to integrate an external application into redmine?

I haven't a Directory Server behind redmine. So the users are stored in the redmine Database.

thx for your help.

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RE: external check if user is logged in - Added by anh khoa nguyen ngoc over 7 years ago

But I want sort by with rank of issue.Rank is new column which I add into table issue.
Example: Issue A(id = 1, rank = 2) has two sub issue:issue a1(id=2, rank = 2), issue a2(id:3 rank 1); Issue B(id = 4, rank = 1).in current, (issue.descendants.visible.sort_by(&:lft)) =>[A,a1,a2,B]
I wan to sort with rank not id: B,A,a2,a1
I canno't find solution to resolve my problem!!!Please help me!Thanks all!