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04:43 Redmine Job offers: RE: [RU] - Требуется человек который сможет перенести сервер Redmine с одного компьют...
what 's your email or skype?


06:51 Redmine Development: How to call many context menu in 1 fille html
Hi every body. I am newbie develop plugin redmine. I have one file html.erb with 2 form: list_bid and list_issue. I w...


12:32 Redmine Development: RE: what is method create issue when recieved email?
I resolved my problem, thank you very much!


07:08 Redmine Development: what is method create issue when recieved email?
Hi every body. I wanto to overide issue create by recieved email in


11:54 Redmine Development: RE: external check if user is logged in
But I want sort by with rank of issue.Rank is new column which I add into table issue.
Example: Issue A(id = 1, rank...

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