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Redmine Crashing on Ubuntu System

Added by Brandon Dixon over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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I have redmine 0.8.0 downloaded from the website. I am running:
  • Ubuntu 8.04 server (virtual machine)
  • MySQL 5.0
  • Ruby 1.8.6,
  • mysql (2.7)
  • rmagick (2.9.0)

Redmine has been working great, but lately I have noticed that Redmine will start to run extremely slow. Enough that a lot of my users think its down when really its taking minutes to continue on. I took a look at the Mongrel logs and see no errors and the same for Redmine itself. I do however notice that the mongrel instance itself will be consuming about 4.3% of my memory and some CPU cycles.

I am not sure if thats the issue itself or if it could be something else. I have Redmine running on port 80 and shutdown Apache so I could avoid any conflicts. The weird thing is that the Redmine instance will drastically slow down, but then a few minutes later it will be fine as if nothing were wrong at all. I do not want to resort to having to restart Redmine everyday and would really like some help with this. I love using Redmine and I don't want to switch because of some rogue issue.

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#1 Updated by Kioma Aldecoa over 13 years ago

You know, I saw this recently with mongrel instances. You might try apache+fastcgi instead, it seems much more stable and when I load tested it was actually faster than mongrels. Still worth fixing the mongrel bugs, but you might try that just to get working.

#2 Updated by Jack Christensen over 13 years ago

I would also suggest apache + passenger. Works great here on Ubuntu 8.10 in a VM.

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 13 years ago

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Closing as a dup of #633.

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