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23:25 Redmine Feature #19893 (New): Rest API: when changing an issue, control whether email notifications are g...
When using the rest API, it would be useful to be able to pass a flag to control whether or not email notifications g...


22:47 Redmine Feature #5262: Different priority levels for different trackers
We would also find this very useful


02:18 Redmine Feature #393: Role that can't assign a ticket
This feature would be very useful for our workflow. It facilitates a model where only designated people actually rev...


03:46 Redmine Feature #8568 (New): add ability to designate default watchers by tracker/project
There is a situation we have where it would be nice to be able designate a default set of watchers for a given tracke...


00:03 Redmine Feature #8409 (New): single email for bulk updates
Right now, after doing a bulk update (change status, change target version, etc) of many issues results in an email n...


00:40 Redmine Feature #7224: Permission for seeing Members on Project Overview
I agree, this is a critical feature for me too.
00:06 Redmine Defect #5942: Groups with a few thousand users gives issues in a few UIs and slow-downs on a few ...
I agree it would be very nice to have better control of who members are displayed.
Beat is there any way you could...


02:12 Redmine Feature #7771 (New): New permission for roles: be added as a watcher
Would be convenient to have a role permission to control whether a given role could be added as a watcher. Currently...


03:27 Redmine Feature #7751 (Closed): Filter projects dropdown menu
Looking for an enhancement to the project dropdown menu that appears on the upper right of every page.
We have int...


00:11 Redmine Defect #7596 (Closed): Can't filter custom fields based on blank or non-blank values
I have custom fields set up for projects. In the issue list, I'd like to be able to show only issues that have non-b...

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