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Avoid SQL errors when adding a project custom field as a time report criteria

Added by Holger Just over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Custom fields
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Custom fields can have different visibilities, depending on the custom field type and the current user:

  • Custom fields are always visible to admins
  • They are not visible for anonymous unless explicitly checked
  • They are visible if the visible flag is checked (or the user in in a checked group for issue custom fields)

Now, to confirm whether a custom field is visible in a certain project, we use CustomField#visibility_by_project_condition. Given the following conditions:

  • We are a non-admin user
  • We defined a ProjectCustomField of type List which is not visible

Now, when we show a time entry report and select the ProjectCustomField as an aggregation criteria, we get an error because of invalid SQL:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql2::Error: Unknown column 'projects.project_id' in 'IN/ALL/ANY subquery':
SELECT Sum(`time_entries`.`hours`) AS sum_hours, 
       Coalesce(cf_9.value, '')    AS coalesce_cf_9_value, 
       `time_entries`.`tyear`      AS time_entries_tyear, 
       `time_entries`.`tmonth`     AS time_entries_tmonth, 
       `time_entries`.`tweek`      AS time_entries_tweek, 
       `time_entries`.`spent_on`   AS time_entries_spent_on 
FROM   `time_entries` 
       INNER JOIN `projects` 
               ON `projects`.`id` = `time_entries`.`project_id` 
       LEFT OUTER JOIN `enumerations` 
                    ON `enumerations`.`id` = `time_entries`.`activity_id` 
                       AND `enumerations`.`type` IN ( 'TimeEntryActivity' ) 
       LEFT OUTER JOIN `issues` 
                    ON `issues`.`id` = `time_entries`.`issue_id` 
       LEFT OUTER JOIN custom_values cf_9 
                    ON cf_9.customized_type = 'Project' 
                       AND cf_9.customized_id = 
                       AND cf_9.custom_field_id = 9 
                       AND ( projects.project_id IN 
                             (SELECT DISTINCT m.project_id 
                              FROM   members m 
                                     INNER JOIN member_roles mr 
                                             ON mr.member_id = 
                             INNER JOIN custom_fields_roles cfr 
                                     ON cfr.role_id = mr.role_id 
                                                     WHERE  m.user_id = 3 
                             cfr.custom_field_id = 9 
                                                    ) ) 
                       AND cf_9.value <> '' 
                       AND = (SELECT Max( 
                                      FROM   custom_values cf_9_2 
                                      WHERE  cf_9_2.customized_type = 
                                             AND cf_9_2.customized_id = 
                                             AND cf_9_2.custom_field_id = 
WHERE  (( ( projects.status <> 9 
            AND IN ( 1, 2, 3, 5, 
                                 12, 14, 15, 19, 25 ) ) 
          AND ( IN ( 1, 2, 4, 5 ) ) )) 
       AND (( time_entries.spent_on IS NOT NULL )) 
GROUP  BY Coalesce(cf_9.value, ''), 
The reason for that is the SQL generated by the CustomField#visibility_by_project_condition method called for Redmine::FieldFormat::Base#join_for_order_statement Here, we are using the final else case and attempt to use the project_id field on the projects table.

The correct column here would however simply be id instead of project_id. The attached patch fixes this behavior and avoids the SQL error. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to properly test this. This whole area seems to be not well tested currently...


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Updated by Holger Just over 4 years ago

i just updated the patch to include a test for this behavior.

While the symptom described here doesn't occur that way after #29162 was applied, the underlying issue still stands. This patch thus fixes the behavior of the ProjectCustomField#visibility_by_project_condition method. Without the applied model fix, the test fails with the described SQL error.

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Committed. Thank you for reporting and fixing this issue.


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