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Copy project template.

Added by Jeffrey Jones over 15 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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An option to copy a project's structure when creating a new project will be very useful when working with large scale

This I would want to copy:

Project settings
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I will try my hand at modifying redMine and make a patch for this but wanted to raise it in the tracker.

Related issues

Related to Redmine - Feature #1125: Template projects - Or copy as new feature Closed 2008-04-28

Associated revisions

Revision 2704
Added by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

Added the ability to copy a project in the Project Administration panel.

  • Added Copy project button.
  • Added Project#copy_from to duplicate a project to be modified and saved by the user
  • Added a ProjectsController#copy based off the add method
    • Used Project#copy_from to create a duplicate project in memory
  • Implemented Project#copy to copy data for a project from another and save it.
    • Members
    • Project level queries
    • Project custom fields
  • Added a plugin hook for Project#copy.

    #1125 #1556 #886 #309


#1 Updated by Jeffrey Jones over 15 years ago

Patch 9685 should resolve this

#2 Updated by Overand Pseudonymous almost 9 years ago

It looks like this is more or less handled by Feature #1125 - though the UI is via the "Administration - Projects" panel, not the "New Project" panel. (I'd love to see UI for 'templates,' but I think this works fine).

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