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Fetch Emails : ability to set Start Date

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We are using the redmine receiving emails functionality (http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/RedmineReceivingEmails) to create tickets, but we would like to be able to set the "Start date & due date" of an issue.

I tried adding the allow_override=Start,Due but it doesn't seem to parse the Start date but only use the current time when creating new issue.


#1 Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago

+1 I would like to be able to set the Due Date also. But perhaps I am just passing in the date incorrectly. If I send in the value 6/4/2009 does Redmine accept it in that form (June 4, 2009)?

#2 Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago

I was just passing in the date incorrectly. June 4, 2009 should be represented in the format 2009-06-04 (which I picked up from just looking at how the date was formatted in a date field...). When I formatted as such all was well when updating the date via e-mail.

#3 Updated by Mark P about 13 years ago

I set my script to allow_override=start and specified start: mm/dd/yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd. Neither format will set the start date, but all other field overrides work fine, including custom fields. The date settings for my instance are set to match the language set by the user. Not sure if I need to specify that for the format. I am using Redmine 0.8.3, rails 2.1.2, ruby 1.8.7, gems 1.3.1, mysql 5.0.45, CentOS 5.2.

#4 Updated by Oleg Volkov over 12 years ago

When I create a issue with receiving email field start turns blank.
You can insert the date of receiving email?
Version = 0.9.3

#5 Updated by Marijn hofstra over 12 years ago

I am using redmine 0.8 and am having the same issue. If I create a custom date field and send the email text "Datefield: yyyy-mm-dd" it works, if I try that with the start and due date, it doesn't work. Am I correct in assuming that I have to send "Start: yyyy-mm-dd" and "Due: yyyy-mm-dd"? I've tried quite a few field names without success...

Nick, could you please elaborate a bit on your version of redmine and the settings you use?

#6 Updated by Sebastian Mehner over 12 years ago

I'm using Redmine 0.9.2 and also would like to request that emailed issues automatically get a start date when created - just like issues created by hand. Managing new issues without knowing when they were created is really hard.

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Implemented by #5595 (Redmine 1.0.0 (RC)).

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