Defect #34831

Unnecessary encoded CR characters in mails

Added by Albrecht Dreß 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:4.0.7


I noticed that Redmine adds unnecessary CR (0x0d) characters to mail texts which may confuse some MUA's, e.g. (note the qp encoded “=0D”, not to be confused with the regular CRLF line endings required by RFC 5322, indicated by “\r”):

Content-Type: text/plain;\r
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable\r
Ticket #3814 wurde erstellt von Albrecht Dre=C3=9F.=0D\r
Feature #3814: Diskussion=0D\r\r
* Autor: Albrecht Dre=C3=9F=0D\r

Is it possible to get rid of them? Where should I look in the sources? I run Redmine 4.0.7 on a Debian Buster system, installed from Debian Backports.


#1 Updated by Pavel Rosický 8 months ago

sources are here it's a dependency of Redmine.

The result looks buggy to me, but there was no release in 3 years, so I wouldn't expect much even if you have a fix.

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