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Change the label of Remove user action from "Delete" to "Remove"

Added by Mizuki ISHIKAWA over 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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The link that deletes the member record associated with the group appears to delete the user data itself due to the influence of the current label and icon.
How about adding a button_remove label and using it instead of button_delete?
In that case, I would like to change the icon as well.

When deleting a watcher record, I think it's a "delete user" from the user's point of view. I want to change "Delete" to "Remove" as well.

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Reference: Remove vs Delete - User Experience Guide

Remove and Delete are defined quite similarly, but the main difference between them is that delete means erase (i.e. rendered nonexistent or nonrecoverable), while remove denotes take away and set aside (but kept in existence).

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