Patch #3586

Add an option to filter issues by people who were assigned to it in the past

Added by Grzegorz Kulewski over 13 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2009-07-05
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Patch attached. It is against 0.7 but can probably very easily be ported to other versions. It probably needs adding handling of other cases, not only "is" but I am not sure what else is needed. Please review and apply if possible.

This patch partially solves #2333.

add-ever-assigned-to.patch Magnifier (2.81 KB) Grzegorz Kulewski, 2009-07-05 16:42

add-ever-assigned-to_r2823.patch Magnifier (3.66 KB) Chris Grieger, 2009-07-19 12:35

add-ever-assigned-to_r2823.patch Magnifier - Proper version of the patch (4.48 KB) Chris Grieger, 2009-07-19 14:48

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#1 Updated by Chris Grieger about 13 years ago

Patch adjusted for the current revision r2823.

Also added handling for the "is not" case.

patch -p0 < patches/add-ever-assigned-to_r2823.patch 
patching file app/models/query.rb
patching file config/locales/en.yml

#2 Updated by Chris Grieger about 13 years ago

Sorry, i had a small error in the last patch which caused some tests to fail.

Fixed in this patch.

#3 Updated by Grzegorz Kulewski about 13 years ago

Chris Grieger wrote:

Sorry, i had a small error in the last patch which caused some tests to fail.

Fixed in this patch.

Thanks, I didn't have time to do it myself yet.

Are you sure that there is only need for IN/NOT IN operators? Also don't we need the double value handling in operators other than "="?

I am also thinking about doing more general version that gets list of strings as db_field instead of this shameless has_double_field hack. Maybe it will be handy for others too.

BTW. The PL translation would be something like "Kiedykolwiek przydzielony do" - it's similar to other such PL translations in 0.7 at least but it's also a little bit too long and often gets line break before "do" that looks strange, probably some css fix would be needed.

#4 Updated by Grzegorz Kulewski almost 12 years ago

This patch is only a proof of concept and needs more development and tests and possibly some discussion about the performance impact of these two joins.

Unfortunately I don't know Redmine internals or even Rails/Ruby too well. Any volunteers who can help?

#5 Updated by Daniel K├╝ppers almost 9 years ago

Is there a way we can integrate this quite quick into redmine? I really appreciate this feature for the project management as some others stated above.

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