Feature #36370

Add Copy and Archive to the project context menu

Added by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Currently, the context menu for a project has four items, "New subject", "Close", "Delete", and "Settings". I suggest adding two more buttons, "Copy" and "Archive". This will allow you to perform most operations on a project without having to go to the Administration page.

  • The copy project feature is frequently used The copy feature is a frequently used feature in teams that create new projects by copying template projects. Adding "Copy" to the context menu can reduce steps to complete the work
  • Archiving a project is preferable to deleting a project because deleted projects cannot be undone. Therefore, the preferable "Archive" should be in the context menu if "Delete" is in there
  • I think adding these two items will not have any negative impact on UI/UX because they are usually hidden in the context menu. In addition, non-admin users cannot see the items even if they open the context menu

add-copy-and-archive.png (33 KB) Go MAEDA, 2021-12-30 06:30

feature-36370.patch Magnifier (3.01 KB) Mizuki ISHIKAWA, 2022-01-04 05:22

403.png (38.8 KB) Go MAEDA, 2022-01-06 09:23

feature-36370-v2.patch Magnifier (3.67 KB) Mizuki ISHIKAWA, 2022-01-07 05:29


#1 Updated by Mizuki ISHIKAWA about 1 year ago

I've attached a patch that increases Copy and Archive links.

#2 Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago

Thank you for posting the patch.

After testing the patch, I found a small UI issue.

Archiving a project by clicking "Archive" shows a 403 error page. This is the expected behavior when you attempt to access an archived project, but I am concerned that not a few users will think that an error occurred during archiving a project.

And the behavior that shows the 403 page is different from the behavior when you click "Delete". Clicking "Delete" shows /admin/projects page after successfully deleting a project.

#3 Updated by Mizuki ISHIKAWA about 1 year ago

Changed to go to /admin/projects?status=9 after changing to archive.

#4 Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago

Mizuki ISHIKAWA wrote:

Changed to go to /admin/projects?status=9 after changing to archive.

Thank you but the patch changes the current behavior of staying on the same page when archiving a project from the second or subsequent pages of /admin/projects. The behavior was introduced in r15755. After applying the patch, you will be navigated to the first page of /admin/projects after archiving a project.

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