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Add a way to view all saved queries

Added by Jon Schell 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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My users are trying to create and save queries and they're having a hard time making them to be shared with others, and I can't easily help because I have no way to see all the saved queries in the system. I can see one at a time by changing the number in the URL "redmine/queries/123/edit/" but the seemingly obvious "redmine/queries/" doesn't give me a list of all of them. The list should also show if the query is public or private. This should be an admin only feature.


#1 Updated by Go MAEDA 3 months ago

I didn't know that an administrator can access another user's "to me only" query by typing a URL like /queries/123/edit.

I wonder if the behavior should be allowed.

#2 Updated by Thomas Zauner about 1 month ago

Just tested to edit some random query of another user as admin vs. non-admin. At least I got "permission denied" for the non-admin user. So there are permissions checks. Guess admin is allowed on purpose.

Jon Schell wrote:

to create and save queries

Have a look at https://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_impersonate
With that, you can impersonate that user and edit the query he needs to share/create. Might be helpful and from what I've read, you know the user who needs support? So you see a list all queries of that user.

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