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Wiki links on field names

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When filling in an issue form (either for a new issue or changing a current issue), it would be helpful to the user to be able to click on the field name of any field (custom or standard) to view a wiki page that explains what the field means.
For example, a field that is used for marking whether the issue has been reviewed by a buddy would refer to a wiki page explaining the aspects that the reviewer should consider when reviewing the fix for the issue, e.g.:
  • are the requirements OK?
  • does the design meet the requirements?
  • have all the impacts on the system been considered (e.g. additional CPU load, disk usage, etc.)
  • is the code correct?
  • does the code meet the requirements?
  • is the code checked in on the correct branch?
  • is there a unit test defined?
  • is there a system test defined?
  • were the tests run?
  • etc.

The reviewer may want to use the list of checks in the review comment on the issue, i.e. copy the checklist into the issue and check off individual items, or add text next to each item to support it.

There may be a bigger user story for this kind of review scenario, but wiki field name links is a start.

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This is almost identical to #2568. See the discussion there.

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