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06:44 Redmine Feature #22802: Add the posibility to set/change the position of an issue in a version
This is great stuff. Thanks a lot.
06:43 Redmine Feature #23287: Better structuring of Version page
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Dipan Mehta wrote:
> > 3. Allow to order the issues (not necessarily sort by tracker or is...


14:29 Redmine Patch #212: Assign To limited by workflow
Under a given state of the issue - specific people should only be assigned. For example - when issue moves from devel...
14:23 Redmine Feature #202: Textilization of Documents, News and Timelog-entry comments
The document and news already seems to have textilization support as it seems. Don't know since when though!
Can ...
14:18 Redmine Feature #90: Show deleted wiki pages or wiki files on the activity
This is the oldest issue (feature) alive now! Almost 10 years.


15:02 Redmine Feature #23289 (New): Allow adding child issues with UI similar to "add 'related" function.
In the issue page one can add related issues by entiring issue number.
However, 'Add button' under 'Child issues'...


15:18 Redmine Feature #23287: Better structuring of Version page

Add related - #4992 which also talks about better printable layout of version page.
15:12 Redmine Feature #13387: Improving Redmine's version model (not just milestones)

The overall version model should improve not only from the Milestone/Version/target as hierarchy - but also in term...
15:10 Redmine Feature #23287 (New): Better structuring of Version page
Quite often version itself represent a specific scope of work under the large project or a full project itself and he...
15:10 Redmine Feature #23286 (New): Customizable state model workflow for versions
As indicated under #13387 - the version should be treated as a first class citizen in redmine.
Currently, there i...

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