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33521RedmineDefectReopenedUse issue path instead of bulk update issues path when using the context menu with only one issue selected2021-08-02 04:41Issues
35658RedmineFeatureNewAdministration -> Role -> Users Visibility2021-08-01 19:48Permissions and roles
31035RedminePatchNewRemove the workaround for #120902021-08-01 19:27Code cleanup/refactoring
35657RedmineFeatureNewSpent time ratio column and filter2021-08-01 16:26Issues
35656RedmineDefectNewWhen importing issue relations, the validation messages are not shown in the UI2021-08-01 16:06Importers
35655RedmineDefectNewCreate duplicated follows relations fails with 500 internal error2021-08-01 15:42Issues
35634RedmineDefectConfirmedAttachments deletable even though issue edit not permitted2021-08-01 13:32Permissions and roles
35642RedmineDefectNewLong text custom field values are not aligned with their labels2021-08-01 10:18Issues
35648RedminePatchNewChangelog generator should allow merging two or more versions2021-08-01 10:15
15928RedmineFeatureNewDisable email notifications for ticket's updates2021-08-01 09:36Email notifications
6881RedmineFeatureNewVersion numbering sort2021-07-31 19:00Roadmap
35645RedmineFeatureNewRequest for reconsideration of removal of 'View all issues' link2021-07-31 15:20UI
35647RedmineFeatureNewAllow the user to properly override Setting.display_subprojects_issues on Issue Reports if a project has subprojects2021-07-31 15:05Issues planning
12005RedmineFeatureNewMightful workflow field enhancement: hide2021-07-30 20:49Issues workflow
3966RedmineFeatureNewTickets Subcategories2021-07-30 14:17Issues
35582RedmineDefectNewError: Template::Error (Tried to load unspecified class: ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess)2021-07-30 06:51Administration
35640RedmineFeatureNewselect / deselect watchers with one click when I copy a single issue2021-07-30 02:32Issues
35559RedmineFeatureNewQuery links for related issues on issue page2021-07-29 15:21Issues
35534RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAfter updating from version 3.3.2 to 4.1.1 Gantt chart has broken2021-07-29 14:44Gantt
23894RedmineFeatureNewExpose repository through REST API2021-07-29 14:39REST API
24623RedminePatchNewImplements CRUD permissions and restrictions to issue attachments2021-07-29 14:04Attachments
35613RedminePatchNewGerman translation update of wiki_syntax_markdown.html2021-07-29 09:57Translations
30919RedminePatchNewGroup Issues Custom Fields - (Form like Issues)2021-07-29 09:29Issues
35073RedminePatchNewescape values in LIKE statements to prevent injection of placeholders (_ or %)2021-07-29 06:59Database
35627RedmineFeatureNewDatabase schema2021-07-28 16:04
35626RedmineFeatureNewPrevent close project2021-07-28 16:03Projects
35462RedmineFeatureNewDownload all attachments in a journal2021-07-28 08:48Attachments
32424RedminePatchNewCommonMark Markdown Text Formatting2021-07-28 00:19Text formatting
35616RedmineFeatureNewRemove "Delete" from the context menu for related issues2021-07-27 21:00UI
35608RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackActionView::Template::Error2021-07-27 14:01
34981RedmineFeatureNewAllow to change a project identifier2021-07-27 11:55Project settings
33415RedmineDefectNewIssue#closable? doesn't handle the case of issues with open subtask(s) ánd being blocked by other open issue(s)2021-07-27 07:15UI
34634RedmineDefectConfirmedCan't add deleted wiki Tab (404)2021-07-27 05:19Wiki
35435RedmineDefectResolvedPsych 4: aliases in database.yml cause Psych::BadAlias exception2021-07-27 03:27Gems support
12579RedmineFeatureNewAbility to assign issues to multiple users2021-07-26 10:48Issues
34974RedmineFeatureNewChange the default value for "Preferred part of multipart (HTML) emails" from "Text" to "HTML"2021-07-25 07:40Email receiving
35432RedmineFeatureNewView annotate prior to the change2021-07-24 09:58SCM
16329RedmineDefectConfirmedright click on an issue ignore fields permissions2021-07-24 09:51Issues
7849RedmineFeatureNewcustom issue relation types2021-07-23 16:40Issues
15340RedmineFeatureNewCustom field referencing other tickets2021-07-23 16:40Custom fields
24808RedmineFeatureNewOAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)2021-07-23 10:45REST API
16067RedmineFeatureNewGeneric New Issue page2021-07-23 06:36Issues
15900RedmineFeatureNewAdd to Issues List column of the attachment icon2021-07-23 05:04UI
35345RedmineDefectConfirmedRedmine::Plugin::compare_versions fails with stable and devel branches2021-07-22 09:27Plugin API
35454RedmineDefectNewGantt - Projectbars / (nearly) all Start on 2019-Oct-012021-07-21 16:58Gantt
28150RedmineFeatureNewAbility to choose Fields permissions for new issue2021-07-19 09:50Issues workflow
29935RedmineFeatureNewEdit authored issues and Edit assigned issues in issue tracking permission2021-07-19 09:33Issues permissions
14508RedmineFeatureNewWorkflow administration screen - loss of overview when working with many statuses2021-07-19 04:41Issues workflow
35570RedmineFeatureNewDynamically adjustable template options2021-07-16 09:42Themes
35566RedmineFeatureNewoption to display thumbnails above file list in Documents2021-07-15 02:51Attachments

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