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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
29649RedminePatchNewRake task to export wiki to HTML/PDF2021-06-15 12:36Wiki
35365RedmineFeatureNewAllow sending account information to the user when importing users2021-06-15 09:09Importers
35372RedminePatchResolvedBetter presentation for 2FA recovery codes2021-06-15 01:34Accounts / authentication
35400RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackThe default version setting is invalid2021-06-14 11:35Project settings
35415RedmineFeatureNewUnified plugin api esp. regarding patches2021-06-14 08:41Plugin API
35413RedminePatchNewAdd missing fixtures to ActivitiesControllerTest2021-06-14 07:04Code cleanup/refactoring
29824RedmineFeatureNewAdd user initials as a Gravatar icon fallback2021-06-12 11:04UI
12963RedmineFeatureNewWiki Page Hooks2021-06-12 10:26Hook requests
12816RedmineFeatureNewFilter issues by progress state2021-06-12 10:09Issues filter
12795RedmineFeatureNewView group members by non-admin users2021-06-12 09:56Groups
35396RedminePatchNewUse base_scope for issue query results2021-06-11 02:17Code cleanup/refactoring
12489RedmineDefectNewElapsed time when updating issues fail2021-06-10 15:00Issues
12444RedmineFeatureNewAbility to "set as default" settings when creating users2021-06-10 14:45Administration
35375RedminePatchNewGerman translation of wiki syntax help file2021-06-10 10:19Documentation
12220RedmineFeatureNewTime tracking countdown2021-06-10 09:56Time tracking
973RedmineFeatureNewAssign different status sets and workflows for separate projects2021-06-10 09:49Issues workflow
21056RedmineDefectConfirmedProject specific TimeEntryActivity name not updating properly2021-06-10 07:22Time tracking
2714RedmineFeatureNewPoint users to "Watched issues"2021-06-10 06:58Accounts / authentication
35388RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackSearch filters in top bar2021-06-10 06:44Search engine
24808RedmineFeatureNewOAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)2021-06-09 21:29REST API
35382RedmineDefectNewCopy Project Tracker and Tasks and relations 2021-06-09 15:39
2180RedmineFeatureNewLookup custom fields2021-06-09 10:31Custom fields
1712RedmineFeatureNewadd custom fields that are calculations of other fields2021-06-09 10:17Custom fields
35374RedminePatchNewReduce amount of work on projects show API2021-06-09 09:57Performance
35373RedminePatchNewImprove project deletion warning text2021-06-09 09:29UI

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