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34743RedmineDefectNewHooks for queries helper2021-05-08 17:19Hook requests
35044RedmineFeatureNewShow notice on project's overview page when the project is public2021-05-08 10:20Projects
33752RedminePatchNewUploading a big file fails with NoMemoryError2021-05-08 09:58Attachments
12579RedmineFeatureNewAbility to assign issues to multiple users2021-05-07 23:13Issues
35219RedmineDefectNewUnable to add watchers to existing project in Redmine2021-05-07 17:47Issues
35217RedminePatchNewReplace use of Digest::MD5 / Digest::SHA1 with ActiveSupport::Digest2021-05-07 15:14
2414RedmineDefectReopened'Add News Button' in 'Add news'2021-05-07 11:05News
35017RedmineDefectNewX-Redmine-Issue-Assignee header in email notifications is empty when the assignee is a group2021-05-07 10:05Email notifications
34490RedmineDefectNewCSV import does not accept drag and drop of a CSV file2021-05-07 09:08Importers
32898RedminePatchNewLet's show PDF thumbnails on Windows.2021-05-07 08:38Attachments
35215RedmineFeatureNewtribute.js third party library localization2021-05-06 11:02
34896RedmineDefectNewPDF thumbnails are not displayed even though "ImageMagick PDF support available (optional)" is checked2021-05-06 01:42Administration
35212RedmineDefectNewIssues controller_issues_edit_* hooks not firing on bulk edit actions2021-05-05 18:20Issues
1040RedmineFeatureReopenedGlobal wiki2021-05-04 11:28UI
35192RedmineDefectNewWatchers pop up window appears after a long time2021-05-04 08:56Issues
4347RedmineFeatureNewReplying to an issue should automatically add the user to the watchers list2021-05-03 23:05Issues
35189RedmineFeatureNewNew email notification option - events of my bookmarked projects2021-05-03 22:31Email notifications
35132RedmineDefectNewCustum field default value has no effect if field is inaccessible2021-05-03 22:22Custom fields
20585RedmineFeatureNewFull Dependency Scheduling for effective Project management2021-05-03 21:03Issues planning
685RedmineFeatureNewNew Custom Field "Found in Version"2021-05-03 08:35Custom fields
35199RedmineDefectNewHookTest resets all listeners - core tests run inconsistently with plugins2021-05-03 00:57Plugin API
35196RedmineFeatureNewVersion tracking (allow filtering out tickets which don't affect given version)2021-05-02 23:25Issues filter
3647RedmineFeatureNewData Import/Export System2021-05-02 23:13Importers
33440RedminePatchNewEmails not being processed because of 2021-04-30 15:58Email receiving
17747RedmineFeatureNewPrivate roles2021-04-30 14:23Permissions and roles
2722RedmineFeatureNewNew user notification2021-04-30 12:30Email notifications
23980RedminePatchNewReplace images with icon fonts2021-04-30 09:57UI
15928RedmineFeatureNewDisable email notifications for ticket's updates2021-04-29 17:55Email notifications
35174RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackInternal Error when accessing the home page of some projects2021-04-29 09:47Projects
16849RedmineFeatureNewAdd Markdown rendering in Reposotory -> View | Annotate 2021-04-29 08:40Text formatting
32424RedminePatchNewCommonMark Markdown Text Formatting2021-04-28 20:58Text formatting
35178RedmineFeatureNewMake adding project settings tabs easier2021-04-28 17:22Code cleanup/refactoring
35176RedmineFeatureNewMultiple files for issues custom filed2021-04-28 10:13Attachments
34857RedminePatchNewAdd total estimated hours, spent hours, total spent hours for issues to issue list API2021-04-28 08:13REST API
35138RedmineFeatureReopenedAllow Version custom fields to be searchable2021-04-27 20:21Search engine
33701RedmineDefectNewURI check (for Custom Fields) overly restrictive (only http, https, ftp and mailto allowed)2021-04-27 17:06Custom fields
9059RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields should be editable based on role not only for admin2021-04-27 15:07Custom fields
35153RedmineDefectNewAdd a touch icon2021-04-27 13:08UI
32938RedmineFeatureNewRails 6: Zeitwerk support2021-04-27 09:37Rails support
2687RedmineFeatureNewdifferent estimated time units hours<>days per tracker type2021-04-27 08:58Issues planning
35168RedmineDefectNewActivity tab not showing recent data2021-04-27 08:02Activity view
35134RedmineDefectNewChange total spent time link to global time entries2021-04-26 22:47
34856RedmineDefectConfirmedTime entry error on private issue2021-04-26 22:46Time tracking
7456RedminePatchNewGantt filters2021-04-26 14:33Gantt
35137RedmineFeatureNewDisplay a message indicating that there is no data2021-04-25 19:22Importers
10721RedmineDefectNewLoss of attachments while fetching emails from IMAP (GMail)2021-04-23 15:30Email receiving
7652RedmineFeatureNewAbility of assign watchers to Wiki pages 2021-04-23 12:06Wiki
30998RedmineFeatureNewDelete account not fully registered after an amount of time2021-04-23 12:05Accounts / authentication
2770RedmineFeatureReopenedDisplay of inline attached images in email notification2021-04-23 10:04Attachments
2024RedmineFeatureNewgantt chart editing2021-04-22 19:33Gantt

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