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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
2048RedmineFeatureNewCode Review Module2021-04-17 09:33Plugin Request
35112RedmineDefectNew工数管理2021-04-17 07:59
35110RedminePatchNewTranslation to Lithuanian up to v4.2.0-12021-04-16 19:58Translations
35111RedminePatchNewRussian translation update for 4.2-stable2021-04-16 17:24Translations
32424RedminePatchNewCommonMark Markdown Text Formatting2021-04-16 16:44Text formatting
24976RedmineFeatureNewInclude new statuses allowed by workflow in Issues REST API2021-04-16 05:12REST API
35087RedmineDefectResolvedUsers without two-factor authentication enabled cannot sign out when two-factor authentication is required2021-04-16 04:27Accounts / authentication
35104RedmineDefectNewCode blocks - consistent rendering and retaining user-supplied language name in rendered HTML2021-04-15 22:02Text formatting
35103RedmineFeatureNewAdministration Groups & Users Lags with Many Projects2021-04-15 20:37Administration
35102RedmineDefectNewIssue Tracking Details are showning issue statuses even if they are not used within the project2021-04-15 11:02
35100RedmineDefectNewFix MailHandler errors message2021-04-15 09:25
8093RedmineDefectNewIncoming email with internal emails as attachments isn't processed properly2021-04-15 08:43Email receiving
5893RedminePatchNewFilter Options: Allow to filter for description and notes2021-04-15 04:16Issues filter
33097RedmineFeatureResolvedFeedback about email delivery2021-04-14 15:58Email notifications
35090RedmineDefectNewPermission check mismatches button semantics2021-04-14 12:26UI
30998RedmineFeatureNewDelete account not fully registered after an amount of time2021-04-14 07:22Accounts / authentication
35086RedmineFeatureNewPlease consider changing the way how 2FA is set up2021-04-14 04:37Accounts / authentication
32938RedmineFeatureNewRails 6: Zeitwerk support2021-04-13 11:13Rails support
35081RedminePatchNewUpdate config/environments/*.rb for Rails 6.12021-04-13 11:07Rails support
24808RedmineFeatureNewOAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)2021-04-13 08:33REST API
34643RedminePatchNewCleanups and fixes after Wiki tab removal from project settings (#26579)2021-04-13 07:17Wiki
35082RedmineFeatureNewCommunicate end of 4.x development2021-04-13 06:48
30820RedminePatchNewDrop setting "Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)"2021-04-12 20:57Email notifications
35077RedmineFeatureNewCustom Strings as Unique Identifiers for issues2021-04-12 12:38Custom fields
32109RedminePatchNewObey sub-task sharing settings on new issue creation2021-04-12 10:58Issues

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