Defect #38143

Updated by Holger Just 5 months ago

Hi, I am on a fresh installed 4.2.9.stable. When I try to link a related issue I only see the three dot animation infinitely while @/issues/auto_complete?issue_id=4&project_id=testprojekt&term=Test@ gets `/issues/auto_complete?issue_id=4&project_id=testprojekt&term=Test` GETS a @Statuscode: `Statuscode: 404 Not Found@ Found` - and no results even if the issue I a trying to link exists (in the same project). 

 On another Redmine install which is on 4.2.2.stable and has been updated from a 3.x autocomplete is working fine as expected. 

 * Has anybody a working autocomplete on 4.2.9? 
 * I found about #29276 ##29276 and tried the workaround with mod_proxy, which did not work. I did dit not try the attached atttached patch as it is against a Redmine redmine 3.x? Should the patch/fix #30818 be in my 4.2.9-installation or was it only fixed for the 3.x branch? 

 Thanks for any help with this!