Redmine 3.3.3 and 3.2.6 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 6 years ago

Redmine 3.3.3 and 3.2.6 are maintenance releases available for download. You can review the list of changes in the Changelog.

Security: these 2 releases fix several vulnerabilities, including a stored XSS when displaying specifically crafted attachments. Thanks to Nikita and Planio for reporting theses issues.


Added by Go MAEDA about 6 years ago

Great! Thank you very much.
I am also looking forward to the release of Redmine 3.4.0.

Added by Deoren Moor about 6 years ago

Thanks for this release. I too am looking forward to 3.4.0!

Added by Fernando Hartmann about 6 years ago

Great Job!
Thank you.

Added by Angelo Bertolli about 6 years ago

Is there a place we can go to get more details on vulnerabilities than the "Redmine Security Advisories" page? Specifically, I work an environment where the turn-around on getting new software installed is longer than I'd like and I'd like to be able to disable features on Redmine that pose a problem.

Added by red red about 6 years ago