Redmine 4.2.8 and 5.0.3 released

Added by Marius BALTEANU about 1 year ago

Redmine 4.2.8 and 5.0.3 have been released and are available for download, you can review the changes in the Changelog.

These new versions contain an important fix for a performance problem found in Redmine 4.2.7 and 5.0.2 (#37268) when database is Postgres and queries are filtered by a custom field value.

Other fixes/updates:
  • Mention auto-complete not works in bulk-edit comments (#37369)
  • Common Markdown Formatter does not render all properties on HTML elements (#37237)
  • Updates to latest Rails versions (#37465 - and #37452 - 6.1.7) with security fixes
  • Updates to latest jQuery 3.6.1 and jQuery UI 1.13.2 (security fixes)

Many thanks to all contributors that worked on the releases.


Added by Federico Vera about 1 year ago

Amazing work!

Congrats and thank you guys!

Added by Alessandro Zucchi about 1 year ago

Greats as always guys!

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Added by Kohei Nakamura about 1 year ago

I upgraded to Redmine 5.0.2 and found bug #37282.
Thanks to Redmine Team for the quick fix.