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Mischa The Evil, 2017-07-02 07:44
Updated until 02-07-2017 07:40.

Changelog 3.4.0

This page is a draft for upcoming Redmine 3.4.0.
It does not reflect the actual content of any of the upcoming 3.4.x releases.

3.4.0 (2017-07-02)

[Accounts / authentication]

  • Defect 13741: Not landing on home page on login after visiting lost password page
  • Feature 10840: Allow "Stay logged in" from multiple browsers
  • Feature 25253: Password reset should count as a password change for User#must_change_passwd
  • Feature 26190: Add setting to hide optional user custom fields on registration form
  • Patch 25483: Forbid to edit/update/delete the anonymous user

[Activity view]

  • Patch 18399: Missing "next" pagination link when looking at yesterday's activity


  • Defect 7577: "Send account information to the user" only works when password is set
  • Defect 25289: Adding a principal to 2 projects with member inheritance leads to an error
  • Feature 12598: Add tooltip on Workflow matrix for helping in big ones
  • Feature 16484: Add default timezone for new users
  • Feature 24780: Add tooltip on Permissions report matrix
  • Feature 24790: Add tooltip on trackers summary matrix


  • Defect 24308: Allow Journal to return empty Array instead nil in Journal#attachments
  • Feature 13072: Delete multiple attachments with one action
  • Patch 22941: Allow thumbnails on documents, messages and wiki pages
  • Patch 24186: Restrict the length attachment filenames on disk
  • Patch 25215: Re-use existing identical disk files for new attachments
  • Patch 25240: Use SHA256 for attachment digest computation
  • Patch 25295: Use path instead of URL of image in preview

[Code cleanup/refactoring]

  • Defect 24928: Wrong text in log/
  • Defect 25563: Remove is_binary_data? from String
  • Feature 15361: Use css pseudo-classes instead of cycle("odd", "even")
  • Patch 24313: Use the regular "icon icon-*" classes for all elements with icons
  • Patch 24382: More readable regex for parse_redmine_links
  • Patch 24523: Source: ignore .idea
  • Patch 24578: Remove unused CSS class ".icon-details"
  • Patch 24643: Rename "issue" to "item" in query helpers
  • Patch 24713: Remove iteration in ApplicationHelper#syntax_highlight_lines
  • Patch 24832: Remove instance variable which is unused after r9603
  • Patch 24899: Remove unused "description_date_*" from locale files
  • Patch 24900: Remove unused "label_planning" from locale files
  • Patch 24901: Remove unused "label_more" from locale files
  • Patch 26149: Remove duplicate method shell_quote

[Core Plugins]

  • Feature 24167: Rebuild a single nested set with nested_set plugin

[Custom fields]

  • Feature 6719: File format for custom fields (specific file uploads)
  • Feature 16549: Set multiple values in emails for list custom fields
  • Feature 23265: Group versions by status in version custom field filter
  • Patch 21705: Option for long text custom fields to be displayed using full width
  • Patch 24801: Flash messages on CustomFields destroy


  • Defect 23347: MySQL: You can't specify target table for update in FROM clause
  • Defect 25416: "My account" broken with MySQL 8.0 (keyword admin should be escaped)


  • Defect 21375: Working external URL prefixes (protocols and 'www' host part) not documented in wiki syntax
  • Feature 25616: Change format of the changelog (both on and in the shipped changelog file)
  • Patch 24800: Remove internal style sheet duplication and obsoleted meta tag from wiki_syntax_* documentation.
  • Patch 26188: Documentation (detailed syntax help & code) additions/improvements

[Email notifications]

  • Feature 25842: Add table border to email notifications
  • Patch 23978: Make the email notifications for adding/updating issues more readable/clear

[Email receiving]

  • Defect 25256: Mail parts with empty content should be ignored
  • Feature 5864: Regex Text on Receiver Email
  • Patch 17718: Body delimiters to truncate emails do not take uncommon whitespace into account


  • Patch 24535: Flash messages on Board destroy


  • Patch 25876: Gantt chart shows % done even if the field is disabled for the tracker

[Gems support]

  • Feature 23932: Update TinyTds to recent version (1.0.5)
  • Feature 25781: Markdown: Upgrade redcarpet gem to 3.4

[Hook requests]

  • Patch 23545: Add before_render hook to WikiController#show


  • Defect 24616: Should not replace all invalid utf8 characters (e.g in mail)
  • Patch 24938: Update tr.yml for general_first_day_of_week
  • Patch 25014: redmine/i18n.rb - languages_lookup class variable is rebuilt every time


  • Feature 22701: Allow forward reference to parent when importing issues


  • Defect 5385: Status filter should show statuses related to project trackers only
  • Defect 15226: Searching for issues with "updated = none" always returns zero results
  • Defect 16260: Add Subtask does not work correctly from tasks with Parent Task field disabled
  • Defect 17632: Users can't see private notes created by themselves if "Mark notes as private" is set but "View private notes" is not
  • Defect 17762: When copying an issue and changing the project, the list of watchers is not updated
  • Defect 20127: The description column in the issues table is too short (MySQL)
  • Defect 21579: The cancel operation in the issue edit mode doesn't work
  • Defect 23511: Progress of parent task should be calculated using total estimated hours of children
  • Defect 23755: Bulk edit form not show fields based on target tracker and status
  • Feature 482: Default assignee on each project
  • Feature 3425: View progress bar of related issues
  • Feature 10460: Option to copy watchers when copying issues
  • Feature 10989: Prevent parent issue from being closed if a child issue is open
  • Feature 12706: Ability to change the private flag when editing a note
  • Feature 20279: Allow to filter issues with "Any" or "None" target version defined when viewing all issues
  • Feature 21623: Journalize values that are cleared after project or tracker change
  • Feature 22600: Add warning when loosing data from custom fields when bulk editing issues
  • Feature 23610: Reset status when copying issues
  • Feature 24015: Do not hide estimated_hours label when value is nil
  • Feature 25052: Allow to disable description field in tracker setting
  • Patch 23888: Show an error message when changing an issue's project fails due to errors in child issues
  • Patch 24692: Issue destroy : Reassign time issue autocomplete
  • Patch 24877: Filter parent task issues in auto complete by open/closed status depending on the subtask status
  • Patch 25055: Filter out current issue from the related issues autocomplete

[Issues filter]

  • Defect 24769: User custom field filter lists only "Me" on cross project issue list
  • Defect 24907: Issue queries: "Default columns" option conflicts with "Show description"
  • Defect 25077: Issue description filter's 'none' operator does not match issues with blank descriptions
  • Feature 2783: Filter issues by attachments
  • Feature 10412: Target version filter shoud group versions by status
  • Feature 15773: Filtering out specific subprojects (using 'is not' operator)
  • Feature 17720: Filter issues by "Updated by" and "Last updated by"
  • Feature 21249: Ability to filter issues by attributes of a version custom field (e.g. release date)
  • Feature 23215: Add the possibility to filter issues after Target Version's Status and Due Date

[Issues list]

  • Feature 1474: Show last comment/notes in the issue list
  • Feature 6375: Last updated by colum in issue list
  • Feature 25515: View attachments on the issue list
  • Patch 24649: Make Spent time clickable in issue lists

[Issues workflow]

  • Defect 14696: Limited status when copying an issue
  • Patch 24281: Workflow editing shows statuses of irrelevant roles

[My page]

  • Feature 1565: Custom query on My page
  • Feature 7769: Sortable columns in issue lists on "My page"
  • Feature 8761: My page - Spent time section only display 7 days, make it a parameter
  • Feature 23459: Columns selection on the issues lists on "My page"
  • Feature 25297: In place editing of "My page" layout


  • Defect 24433: The changeset display is slow when changeset_issues has very many records
  • Feature 23743: Add index to workflows.tracker_id
  • Feature 23987: Add an index on issues.parent_id
  • Patch 21608: Project#allowed_to_condition performance
  • Patch 22850: Speedup remove_inherited_roles
  • Patch 23519: Don't preload projects and roles on Principal#memberships association
  • Patch 24587: Improve custom fields list performance
  • Patch 24787: Don't preload all filter values when displaying issues/time entries
  • Patch 24839: Minor performance improvement - Replace count by exists?
  • Patch 24865: Load associations of query results more efficiently
  • Patch 25022: Add an index on attachments.disk_filename

[Permissions and roles]

  • Feature 4866: New permission: view forum
  • Feature 7068: New permission: view news

[Project settings]

  • Defect 23470: Disable "Select project modules" permission does not apply to the new project form
  • Feature 22608: Enable filtering versions on Project -> Settings -> Versions
  • Feature 24011: Add option to set a new version as default directly from New Version page


  • Defect 23921: REST API Issue PUT responds 200 OK even when it can't set assigned_to_id
  • Feature 7506: Include allowed activities list in "project" API response
  • Feature 12181: Add attachment information to issues.xml in REST API
  • Feature 23566: REST API should return attachment's id in addition to token
  • Patch 19116: Files REST API
  • Patch 22356: Add support for updating attachments over REST API
  • Patch 22795: Render custom field values of enumerations in API requests


  • Defect 23377: Don't show "status" field when creating a new version
  • Feature 23137: Completed versions on Roadmap: Sort it so that recently created versions are on top

[Ruby support]

  • Feature 25048: Ruby 2.4 support


  • Defect 14626: Repositories' extra_info column is too short with MySQL

[SCM extra]

  • Defect 23865: Typo: s/projet/project/ in comments

[Search engine]

  • Feature 9909: Search in project and its subprojects by default

[Text formatting]

  • Feature 4179: Link to user in wiki syntax
  • Feature 22758: Make text formatting of commit messages optional
  • Feature 24922: Support high resolution images in formatted content
  • Patch 26157: Render all possible inline textile images


  • Defect 25118: ThemesTest#test_without_theme_js may fail if third-party theme is installed

[Time tracking]

  • Defect 13653: Keep displaying spent time page when switching project via dropdown menu
  • Defect 23912: No validation error when date value is invalid in time entries filter
  • Defect 24041: Issue subject is not updated when you select another issue in the new "Log time" page
  • Feature 588: Move timelog between projects
  • Feature 13558: Add version filter in spent time report
  • Feature 14790: Ability to save spent time query filters
  • Feature 16843: Enable grouping on time entries list
  • Feature 23401: Add tracker and status columns/filters to detailed timelog
  • Feature 24157: Make project custom fields available in timelogs columns
  • Feature 24577: Settings to make the issue and/or comment fields mandatory for time logs
  • Patch 24189: Time entry form - limit issue autocomplete to already selected project


  • Defect 25470: Fix Japanese mistranslation for field_base_dn
  • Defect 25687: Bad translation in french for indentation
  • Patch 23108: Change Japanese translation for text_git_repository_note
  • Patch 23250: Fixes issues with Catalan translation
  • Patch 23359: Change Japanese translation for label_commits_per_author
  • Patch 23388: German translation change
  • Patch 23419: Change Japanese translation for label_display_used_statuses_only
  • Patch 23659: Change Japanese translation for label_enumerations
  • Patch 23806: Fix Japanese translation inconsistency of label_tracker_new and label_custom_field_new
  • Patch 24174: Change Japanese translation for "format"
  • Patch 24177: Change translation for label_user_mail_option_only_(assigned|owner)
  • Patch 24268: Wrong German translation of logging time error message
  • Patch 24407: Dutch (NL) translation enhancements and complete review (major update)
  • Patch 24494: Spanish Panama "label_issue_new" translation change
  • Patch 24518: Spanish translation change (adding accent mark and caps)
  • Patch 24572: Spanish label_search_open_issues_only: translation change
  • Patch 24750: Change Japanese translation for setting_text_formatting and setting_cache_formatted_text
  • Patch 24891: Change Japanese translation for "items"
  • Patch 25019: Localization for Ukrainian language - completed
  • Patch 25204: Portuguese translation file
  • Patch 25392: Change Russian translation for field_due_date and label_relation_new
  • Patch 25609: Change Japanese translation for field_attr_*
  • Patch 25628: Better wording for issue update conflict resolution in German
  • Patch 26180: Change Russian translation for "Estimated time"


  • Defect 23575: Issue subjects are truncated at 60 characters on activity page
  • Defect 23840: Reduce the maximum height of the issue description field
  • Defect 23979: Elements are not aligned properly in issues table for some cases
  • Defect 24617: Browser js/css cache remains after upgrade
  • Feature 5920: Unify and improve cross-project views layout
  • Feature 9850: Differentiate shared versions in version-format custom field drop-downs by prepending its project name
  • Feature 10250: Renaming "duplicates" and "duplicated by" to something less confusing
  • Feature 23310: Improved "jump to project" drop-down
  • Feature 23311: New "Spent time" menu tab when spent time module is enabled on project
  • Feature 23653: User preference for monospaced / variable-width font in textareas
  • Feature 23996: Introduce a setting to change the display format of timespans to HH:MM
  • Feature 24720: Move all 'new item' links in project settings to above the item tables
  • Feature 24927: Render high resolution Gravatars and Thumbnails
  • Feature 25988: Preview files by default instead of downloading them
  • Feature 25999: View repository content by default (instead of the history)
  • Feature 26035: More visually consistent download links
  • Feature 26071: Generate markup for uploaded image dropped into wiki-edit textarea
  • Feature 26189: For 3 comments or more on news items and forum messages, show reply link at top of comments as well
  • Patch 23146: Show revision details using the same structure and look from the journals details
  • Patch 23192: Add the new pagination style in the activity page
  • Patch 23639: Add "Log time" to global button menu (+)
  • Patch 23998: Added link to author in Repository
  • Patch 24776: UI inconsistencies on /enumerations/index view
  • Patch 24833: Always show "Jump to project" drop-down
  • Patch 25320: Remove initial indentation of blockquotes for better readability
  • Patch 25775: Show assignee's icon in addition to author's icon


  • Feature 12183: Hide attachments by default on wiki pages
  • Feature 23179: Add heading to table of contents macro