List of vendored third-party core components

This page is a WIP.
Please be aware that the information provided on this page may be out of date, or otherwise inaccurate.

This page aims at documenting the vendored third-party core components depended upon by and distributed along with Redmine.

Redmine trunk at r21783

Name Version Location1 Patched Minified Original source maintained Upstream site(s)
Ruby libraries
acts_as_tree 2007-09-11 source:/trunk/lib/plugins/acts_as_tree@21783 Yes n/a No3 (
gravatar 2009-09-17 source:/trunk/lib/plugins/gravatar@21783 Yes n/a No3
Diff [string_array_diff] 0.3 source:/trunk/lib/redmine/string_array_diff@21783 Yes n/a No3
redcloth3 3.0.4 source:/trunk/lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/redcloth3.rb@21783 Yes n/a No4 (
JavaScript libraries
jstoolbar <= 2006-11-05 source:/trunk/public/javascripts/jstoolbar@21783 Yes No No
Chart.js 3.9.1 source:/trunk/public/javascripts/chart.min.js@21783 No Yes Yes
jQuery / jQuery-UI / jQuery-UJS 3.6.0 / 1.13.1 / source:/trunk/public/javascripts/jquery-3.6.0-ui-1.13.1-ujs- No2 Yes / Yes / No Yes
raphael.js 2.3.0 source:/trunk/public/javascripts/raphael.js@21783 No Yes Yes
tablesort / tablesort-number 5.2.1 source:/trunk/public/javascripts/tablesort-5.2.1.min.js@21783
No Yes Yes
Tribute 5.1.3 source:/trunk/public/javascripts/tribute-5.1.3.min.js@21783
No Yes Yes

1 excluding additional CSS, image and i18n assets

2 the combined file is produced manually though

3 upstream is not maintained, but upstream forks/continuations exists

4 upstream is not maintained, but upstream rewrites exists