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Code highlighting supported languages

Default code highlighting relies on Rouge since Redmine 4.0.0. It supports over 130 languages. Refer RedmineTextFormattingTextile or RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown for how to highlight code.

Here is a list of supported languages by Rouge 3.3.0, which is bundled with Redmine 4.0.0. You can also get a list by running bundle exec rougify list in the installation directory of Redmine.

Language Description
abap SAP - Advanced Business Application Programming
actionscript ActionScript [aliases: as,as3]
apache configuration files for Apache web server
apiblueprint Markdown based API description language. [aliases: apiblueprint,apib]
applescript The AppleScript scripting language by Apple Inc. ( [aliases: applescript]
awk pattern-directed scanning and processing language
biml BIML, Business Intelligence Markup Language
bsl The 1C:Enterprise programming language
c The C programming language
ceylon Say more, more clearly.
cfscript CFScript, the CFML scripting language [aliases: cfc]
clojure The Clojure programming language ( [aliases: clj,cljs]
cmake The cross-platform, open-source build system
coffeescript The Coffeescript programming language ( [aliases: coffee,coffee-script]
common_lisp The Common Lisp variant of Lisp ( [aliases: cl,common-lisp,elisp,emacs-lisp]
conf A generic lexer for configuration files [aliases: config,configuration]
console A generic lexer for shell sessions. Accepts ?lang and ?output lexer options, a ?prompt option, and ?comments to enable # comments. [aliases: terminal,shell_session,shell-session]
coq Coq (
cpp The C++ programming language [aliases: c++]
crystal Crystal The Programming Language ( [aliases: cr]
csharp a multi-paradigm language targeting .NET [aliases: c#,cs]
css Cascading Style Sheets, used to style web pages
d The D programming language( [aliases: dlang]
dart The Dart programming language (
diff Lexes unified diffs or patches [aliases: patch,udiff]
digdag A simple, open source, multi-cloud workflow engine (
docker Dockerfile syntax [aliases: dockerfile]
dot graph description language
eiffel Eiffel programming language
elixir Elixir language ( [aliases: elixir,exs]
elm The Elm programming language (
erb Embedded ruby template files [aliases: eruby,rhtml]
erlang The Erlang programming language ( [aliases: erl]
factor Factor, the practical stack language (
fortran Fortran 2008 (free-form)
fsharp F# (
gherkin A business-readable spec DSL ( ) [aliases: cucumber,behat]
glsl The GLSL shader language
go The Go programming language ( [aliases: go,golang]
gradle A powerful build system for the JVM
graphql GraphQL
groovy The Groovy programming language (
hack The Hack programming language ( [aliases: hack,hh]
haml The Haml templating system for Ruby ( [aliases: HAML]
handlebars the Handlebars and Mustache templating languages [aliases: hbs,mustache]
haskell The Haskell programming language ( [aliases: hs]
hcl Hashicorp Configuration Language, used by Terraform and other Hashicorp tools
html HTML, the markup language of the web
http http requests and responses
hylang The HyLang programming language ( [aliases: hy]
idlang Interactive Data Language
igorpro WaveMetrics Igor Pro
ini the INI configuration format
io The IO programming language (
irb Shell sessions in IRB or Pry [aliases: pry]
java The Java programming language (
javascript JavaScript, the browser scripting language [aliases: js]
jinja Django/Jinja template engine ( [aliases: django]
json JavaScript Object Notation (
json-doc JavaScript Object Notation with extenstions for documentation
jsonnet An elegant, formally-specified config language for JSON
jsp JSP
jsx React JSX ( [aliases: jsx,react]
julia The Julia programming language [aliases: jl]
kotlin Kotlin Programming Language (
lasso The Lasso programming language ( [aliases: lassoscript]
liquid Liquid is a templating engine for Ruby (
literate_coffeescript Literate coffeescript [aliases: litcoffee]
literate_haskell Literate haskell [aliases: lithaskell,lhaskell,lhs]
llvm The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure (
lua Lua (
m68k Motorola 68k Assembler
make Makefile syntax [aliases: makefile,mf,gnumake,bsdmake]
markdown Markdown, a light-weight markup language for authors [aliases: md,mkd]
mathematica Wolfram Mathematica, the world's definitive system for modern technical computing. [aliases: wl]
matlab Matlab [aliases: m]
moonscript Moonscript ( [aliases: moon]
mosel An optimization language used by Fico's Xpress.
mxml MXML
nasm Netwide Assembler
nginx configuration files for the nginx web server (
nim The Nim programming language ( [aliases: nimrod]
nix The Nix expression language ( [aliases: nixos]
objective_c an extension of C commonly used to write Apple software [aliases: objc,obj-c,obj_c,objectivec]
ocaml Objective Caml (
pascal a procedural programming language commonly used as a teaching language.
perl The Perl scripting language ( [aliases: pl]
php The PHP scripting language ( [aliases: php,php3,php4,php5]
plaintext A boring lexer that doesn't highlight anything [aliases: text]
plist plist [aliases: plist]
powershell powershell [aliases: posh]
praat The Praat scripting language (
prolog The Prolog programming language ( [aliases: prolog]
prometheus prometheus [aliases: prometheus]
properties .properties config files for Java
protobuf Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data [aliases: proto]
puppet The Puppet configuration management language ( [aliases: pp]
python The Python programming language ( [aliases: py]
q The Q programming language ( [aliases: kdb+]
qml QML, a UI markup language [aliases: qml]
r The R statistics language ( [aliases: r,R,s,S]
racket Racket is a Lisp descended from Scheme (
ruby The Ruby programming language ( [aliases: rb]
rust The Rust programming language ( [aliases: rs,rust,no_run,rs,no_run,rust,ignore,rs,ignore,rust,should_panic,rs,should_panic]
sass The Sass stylesheet language language (
scala The Scala programming language ( [aliases: scala]
scheme The Scheme variant of Lisp
scss SCSS stylesheets (
sed sed, the ultimate stream editor
shell Various shell languages, including sh and bash [aliases: bash,zsh,ksh,sh]
sieve mail filtering language
slim The Slim template language
smalltalk The Smalltalk programming language [aliases: st,squeak]
smarty Smarty Template Engine [aliases: smarty]
sml Standard ML [aliases: ml]
sqf Status Quo Function, a Real Virtuality engine scripting language
sql Structured Query Language, for relational databases
swift Multi paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple for iOS and OS X development. (
tap Test Anything Protocol [aliases: tap]
tcl The Tool Command Language (
terraform Terraform HCL Interpolations [aliases: tf]
tex The TeX typesetting system [aliases: TeX,LaTeX,latex]
toml the TOML configuration format (
tsx tsx
tulip the tulip programming language ( [aliases: tulip]
turtle Terse RDF Triple Language, TriG
twig Twig template engine (
typescript TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript [aliases: ts]
vala A programming language similar to csharp.
vb Visual Basic [aliases: visualbasic]
verilog The System Verilog hardware description language
vhdl Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language
viml VimL, the scripting language for the Vim editor ( [aliases: vim,vimscript,ex]
vue Vue.js single-file components [aliases: vuejs]
wollok Wollok lang
xml <desc for="this-lexer">XML</desc>
yaml Yaml Ain't Markup Language ( [aliases: yml]