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Thomas Lecavelier, 2007-10-03 21:48
Re-format of the page.

Managing projects

Fields explanation

  • Project: The project name
  • Description: A short description of the project
  • Public: If the icon is present, everybody can see this project. Non-public project can be view only by user who was given acces by an administrator of the project.
  • Subprojects: Indicate the numbers of subprojects connected to this project.
  • Created: Indicated the date when this project has been created.
  • Archive: If you click on the icon, you put this project as an archive: users no longer can open issues or made modification to the project unless being administrator. A project archived can be restored.
  • Delete: This is pure deletion of the project. Contrary to Archive, you can't restore a deleted project. Use it with a clear-mind.

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