Using the REST API with Java

Redmine Java API library from taskadapter

Redmine Java API library is a FREE third-party Java library that can be used to access the Redmine API. It is released under Apache 2 open-source license.
Sample usage:

    String uri = "";
    String apiAccessKey = "a3221bfcef5750219bd0a2df69519416dba17fc9";
    String projectKey = "taskconnector-test";
    Integer queryId = null; // any

    RedmineManager mgr = RedmineManagerFactory.createWithApiKey(uri, apiAccessKey);
    IssueManager issueManager = mgr.getIssueManager();
    List<Issue> issues = issueManager.getIssues(projectKey, queryId);
    for (Issue issue : issues) {

    // Create issue
    Issue issueToCreate = IssueFactory.createWithSubject("some subject");
    Issue createdIssue = issueManager.createIssue(projectKey , issueToCreate);

    // Get issue by ID:
    Issue issue = issueManager.getIssueById(123);