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h1. Submissions on
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3 13 Mischa The Evil
4 13 Mischa The Evil
5 23 Toshi MARUYAMA
Submissions should be written in English.
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h2. Submitting a Bug
8 10 Jean-Philippe Lang
9 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
Before submitting a bug report here, please make sure:
10 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
11 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* that you're using an appropriate Rails version (see [[RedmineInstall]])
12 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* that your database is up to date, especially if you've just migrated from a previous version or revision (see [[RedmineUpgrade]])
13 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* if your problem is related to svn (or any other scm), that the proper binaries are installed on your Redmine host (see [[RedmineRepositories]])
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15 14 Jean-Philippe Lang
And have a look at the "bug list": and the [[FAQ]] to see if it has not already been reported.
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17 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
When filling a bug report, please give the following information with the description of your problem:
18 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
19 18 Etienne Massip
* your database manager version (eg. PostgreSQL 8.2)
20 18 Etienne Massip
* your Ruby version (eg. Ruby 1.8.7)
21 18 Etienne Massip
* your Rails version (eg. Rails 2.3.11)
22 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* your Redmine version (pick the version number in the _Affected version_ field) and the exact revision (eg. r1142) if you're using repository code
23 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* your scm binary version (eg. svn 1.4) if your problem is about scm integration
24 24 Toshi MARUYAMA
* your using plugins (eg. Code Review plugin)
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26 22 Jean-Philippe Lang
The simplest way to get information about your environment is to run the following command from within your Redmine installation:
27 20 Toshi MARUYAMA
28 20 Toshi MARUYAMA
29 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
ruby script/about
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31 22 Jean-Philippe Lang
32 22 Jean-Philippe Lang
Also, when reporting an application error, post the error stack trace that you should find in the log file (eg. @log/production.log@). The message displayed by the application (eg. _...An error occurred on the page you were trying to access..._) is useless here.
33 22 Jean-Philippe Lang
34 22 Jean-Philippe Lang
If the error you're reporting occurs when running a rake task (example: @rake db:migrate@), rerun the task with the @--trace@ option (example: @rake db:migrate --trace@) and post the full output.
35 7 Karl Heinz Marbaise
36 11 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Submitting a Security Vulnerability
37 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
38 17 Jean-Philippe Lang
If you think that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by sending an email to: @security(at) Known vulnerabilities that were fixed in Redmine releases are listed on the [[Security Advisories]].
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h2. Submitting a Feature Request
41 6 Thomas Lecavelier
42 6 Thomas Lecavelier
Before submitting a feature request here, please make sure:
43 6 Thomas Lecavelier
44 6 Thomas Lecavelier
* fill the _subject_ as a sum up of your description
45 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* fill the _description_ as detailed as you can, don't hesitate to describe precisely how this feature should behave, try to add what benefits you're excepting from it
46 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* please *DON'T* fill the _target version_ field: let the developers decide when integrate
47 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
* please *DON'T* assign the feature request to anybody, let the developers deal with it
48 11 Jean-Philippe Lang
49 13 Mischa The Evil
h2. Submitting a Wiki improvement
50 13 Mischa The Evil
51 13 Mischa The Evil
When you edit a wiki page to improve its content, make sure that you fill the _comment_ field with a descriptive summary of the changes you've made to the page. This way we'll be better able to "monitor" and "maintain" the quality of the actual wiki content.
52 13 Mischa The Evil
53 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Submitting a Patch
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55 13 Mischa The Evil
* Changes should be submitted as a single patch file. Instructions for creating a patch using svn can be found [[Patch|here]].
56 13 Mischa The Evil
* You should mention the branch/revision your patch is based on and attach it