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Barbara Post, 2009-06-16 14:59

Third Party Tools

Here you can find a list of tools which are provided by the Redmine community. Note that these tools are not officially supported by Redmine so please don't open bugs or feature request about them in this Redmine instance. Instead, try to contact the creators or someone using it on the IRC channel.

IRC bot plugins

  • Typethink Redmine Linker: a plugin for Eggdrop creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: Rami Kassab for Typethink]
  • RBot Redmine Plugin: a plugin for RBot creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: James Turnbull]

IDE integrations

SVN client integrations

  • Tortoise Redmine Plugin is a plugin that lets Tortoise SVN read Redmine issues list RSS to choose issues to associate with commit comment. This adds a new button in interface. Works with Tortoise 1.5.x/1.6.x.