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Muntek Singh, 2010-05-07 01:05


May 6, 2010 at 21:00 UTC on Skype.


Started with no set topic as this was the first meeting of the UX Team. Tried to lock down what our goals are, what are purview is , and what we need to do moving forward


Skye nick Real Name
SikhNerd Muntek Singh
Eric Davis Eric Davis
zanuda13 Igor Balk
Shane Pearleman Shane Pearlman


  1. our goal "Making Redmine accessible, obvious, and intutive to end-users."
  2. work with other teams as needed on tiny, small, and large improvements
  3. revisit theme updates later

Action Items

  • Get the UX demo up
  • Logo contest (edavis - CR Team)
  • Igor and Shane to try out the UX on Subtasks
  • Eric to highlight issues that need UI/UX help
  • Shane and Igor to review subtask UI on Tues (open to all)
  • Tags on Redmine.org


Log will be posted here within 12 hours.

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