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16:43 Redmine Defect #37369 (New): Mention auto-complete not works in bulk-edit comments
When I make a bulk-edit, mention auto-complete not works.
Redmine 5.0.2


06:43 Redmine Feature #37281 (New): Allows an option to temporarily mute email notification per user and/or per...
It is very useful to have an option that allows you to temporarily disable email notifications for users or groups th...


18:19 Redmine Feature #37173 (New): Better UX in sidebar
In my opinion the sidebar UX it would be better, if the watchers section were moved at the top as the first section. ...


15:17 Redmine Defect #37162 (Closed): Missing space between notification sentence and author name when edit a w...
In the notification email, the author's name is not separated from the sentence


06:58 Redmine Feature #34287: Use searchable project selectbox in issue create/update form


16:41 Redmine Feature #25129: Group based custom queries
To be more explicit: if I have 2 development teams that deal with different things but always have the same role (dev...
16:21 Redmine Feature #25129: Group based custom queries
14:10 Redmine Feature #11044: Custom field types for time and datetime


16:10 Redmine Feature #24277: Introducing Remaining Time field as method to track the remaining time to complet...


08:35 Redmine Feature #36162: Add notification reason to the email instead of the default static email footer
+1 for me.
I suggest a more coincise way (like bugzilla): if anyone has more reasons to receive an email, we can sum...

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