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09:33 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
As Idea, recently bugzilla has integrated an external code review tool (Phabricator) with this "approach":https://moz...


19:06 Redmine Feature #33589: How to install and configure Sidekiq as queuing backend
Hi Marius, I read the wiki and it is really well documented. Thanks!


10:37 Redmine Defect #31241: intermittent 500s ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> pasquale [:dedalus] wrote:
> > The same issue here.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > maybe ther...


07:39 Redmine Feature #33153: UI feature to quickly change issue status
Hi Marius, this is a good step forward.
Have you evalueted the jira edit approach implemented by this plugin "Dynami...


14:55 Redmine Feature #8708: Provide a "download multiple files at once" feature
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> I'm closing this in favour of #7056. If something is missing, please reopen.
Hi Marius, ...


11:35 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
GitLab Is very good, but I'm on Mercurial repositories.


16:02 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
Hi Robert, thanks for your answer. I was looking for something similar to Review Board core or integration.
Do you u...


11:16 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
nowadays from a developer team perspective this is a must have feature.


15:11 Redmine Patch #32747: Fix wrong translation for "time entries" in redmine 4.1.0
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Would you explain why the existing translations are wrong? Since I don't understand Italian, I can...


10:05 Redmine Defect #32314: Notification for "Only for things I watch or I'm involed in" not works
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> pasquale [:dedalus] wrote:
> > yep, I have totally missed this advice. I try with sidekiq ...

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