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11:00 Redmine Feature #3547: Wiki include macro: add ability to include single section
+1 would be really usefull


16:22 Redmine Feature #10614: Email Notifications for Custom field with User type
16:19 Redmine Feature #16527: Custom field user email notification
16:14 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Custom field User and email notification


14:48 Redmine Feature #22352 (New): Manage customer fields of plugins
Redmine plugins sometimes add new fields in Redmine (in issues or other part of Redmine). It's obviously possible to ...
14:14 Redmine Feature #6631: Provide security (e.g. display only) for custom fields
This is already available through /workflows/permissions.
13:45 Redmine Feature #11161: Custom fields by role
In /workflows/permissions, you can already manage the "Read-only" and "Required" state for custom fields. The visibil...
13:34 Redmine Feature #13839: Custom fields presentation - Group custom fields in section / panel
13:33 Redmine Feature #11361: Custom Field Groups, and User Specific Fields
13:28 Redmine Feature #16084: We would like to order the appearance of custom field

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