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09:57 Redmine Feature #5029 (New): Add discussion thread for each wiki page
It would be very useful to have a discussion area attached to each wiki page, similar to MediaWiki. Ideally this woul...
09:48 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
I agree this is a very useful feature, and while I recognize the value of Textile and wiki syntax, I see no good reas...
09:41 Redmine Feature #2481: Improved issue update (+post real-life project information).
This echoes some thoughts I have based on my own experiences. The idea of attaching a forum thread to an issue is int...
09:34 Redmine Feature #3995: Upgrade to "Files" module
And if this could also tie in to allowing "universal" file linking, that would be nice to. In other words file is...


06:15 Redmine Patch #2607: Avatars display in forums
Is this planned for inclusion in a future version? The forums are a bit hard to read at the moment without visual pos...

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