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08:48 Redmine Feature #6331: Give a role a permission to view/edit only his tickets
I don't think this is OP wanted.
Visibility only control the 'view' permission of issues, but system still lacks an...


08:56 Redmine Help: manage permission control of own issues
Hi guys,
I raised a feature request #19824 asking for permission control of edit/delete my own issue, but then wh...
08:14 Redmine Feature #19824 (Closed): Could redmine control permission of edit/delete my own issue
Hi guys,
I've searched issue repo and found out that #1248 and #7444 is similar to my request. But it seems #1248 ...
08:03 Redmine Feature #5195: edit_own_issues and delete_own_issues permissions
really helpful if redmine has this feature.
07:41 Redmine Feature #1248: New Permission: Edit own issues
I really need this feature. We're planning to use Redmine but the lack of this feature blocks a lot.


12:04 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
Rupesh J wrote:
> @Chet and others, This may be interesting for you guys..
> "Redmine My Page Plugin":https://gith...


10:14 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
Could someone re-assign this issue to Jean-Philippe Lang? It seems that Jean-Baptiste Barth hasn't been logging in re...
09:42 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
I'm using redmine 3.0.1, but this feature is still missing....
@Jens Krämer
Is your patch available to redmine v3? ...

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