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14:57 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
I would also like to see this functionality introduced.


15:22 Redmine Help: RE: how to publish this redmine installation on the internet
Not sure if i understand the question fully, but it sounds like you need to setup something like apache and passanger...


19:40 Redmine Help: RE: Missing Calendar link
never mind found it :)
it is listed under the issues list page.
17:46 Redmine Help: Missing Calendar link
I am looking to upgrade from version 0.9.4 to version 1.0.0
before upgrading i brought up redmine 1.0.0 on a test ...


21:19 Redmine Plugins: Cannot Overwrite application_helper.rb
I seem to be stuck trying to take and make a custom plugin. I wanted to make it so that the calendar page only shows...


13:42 Redmine Help: RE: creating universal custom queries
As usual Felix you are awesome. I did not realize the edit/delete button was for that query. Thanks again for all yo...


22:31 Redmine Help: Change the default issues
My boss asked me if there was a way to change the default issue tracking list other than id > desc. I located the li...
22:20 Redmine Help: creating universal custom queries
i know that you guys get sick of me asking question but i have 2 more that are related to custom queries.
1. is th...
21:22 Redmine Help: RE: Change the top menu text
yes i am a redneck ;P
21:22 Redmine Help: RE: Change the top menu text
After even more work i have made it as far as ...
redmine.rb line 124, but again i have gotten stuck on where to g...

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