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13:55 Redmine Help: Can't add new projects
Hi all,
After some updates on my server, Redmine is working but I can't create new projects. When I add a new proj...


16:07 Redmine Help: Redmine 2.6.8 Bulk Edit Error 500
Hi all,
I have Redmine instance on 2.6.8 version and when I try to use the bulk edit feature, after change the val...


15:13 Redmine Defect #20799: Incorrect language when set to Portuguese Brazilian
Toshi MARUYAMA wrote:
> Try "bundle exec rake tmp:cache:clear tmp:sessions:clear RAILS_ENV=production".
Toshi, I ...


17:53 Redmine Defect #20799 (Needs feedback): Incorrect language when set to Portuguese Brazilian
I'm using the Redmine 3.1.1 version and when I set the default language or the user language preference to Portuguese...


17:33 Redmine Help: RE: Update from Redmine 2.6.2.stable to 3.0.1 issues
Hi thanks for your reply.
I did not noticed that there was a message about the extra_queries plugin.
Even rem...
04:00 Redmine Help: Update from Redmine 2.6.2.stable to 3.0.1 issues
Hi all,
I'm trying to migrate my Redmine server from 2.6.2 version to 3.0.1
Besides a problem with a particular...


11:13 Redmine Help: Problem new user using LDAP authentication
Hi all,
I'm facing a problem with Redmine. I set correctly the LDAP authentication, when I do the Test, it says it...


14:54 Redmine Help: Re-order fields on New Issue and hide other fields
Hi all,
Is there a way to change the order of fields on New Issue?
I would need hide some fields on New Issue t...


16:07 Redmine Help: Unable to download files attached on Issues
I'm having this issue, I can't download any file attached on Issues.
When I click on attachment, I have the...


13:08 Redmine Feature #7429: Reposman.rb different way to deal with repo creation
New version of script:

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