Michal Kalwig

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07:25 Redmine Defect #25203: Email delivery error: end of file reached while sending reminder
In my case, only for *some projects*, notifications are not sent. I receive the following error:
_Email delivery e...


20:53 Redmine Feature #9216: Support of multiple LDAP servers for authorization
Dmitry Shumilin wrote:
> #11967 #23973
This feature is needed but not working with Redmine 3.3.1. Can som...


13:57 Redmine Feature #23973: One user - multiple LDAP backends
I would also like to point out that both DCs belong to the same domain.
12:52 Redmine Feature #23973 (Closed): One user - multiple LDAP backends
Is there a way to configure Redmine so that he will use 2 LDAP servers (2 DCs) in case of failure of first ...

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