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12:44 Redmine Feature #25129: Group based custom queries
Sorry for the typo, I meant "group based custom queries" for the title but I can't change that now
12:41 Redmine Help: RE: Custom queries for groups
It's not in the core for sure, and that's why I just opened issue #25129.
I don't know if there is already some pl...
12:40 Redmine Feature #25129 (New): Group based custom queries
Right now we get per-user, per-role or totally public custom queries.
In our (and I'd guess in may other's) scenar...
12:32 Redmine Feature #17666: Tickets: Allow custom queries to display as (virtual) Module/Tab
We access our redmine 99% of the time through browser bookmarks that point to custom queries, and after navigating in...
12:30 Redmine Defect #20034: Custom queries cannot be edit after creation
For what it's worth, our setup was born as v3.3.0 and we were able to edit and delete custom queries for all projects...


10:34 Redmine Help: trigger exernal hook when any issue gets updated
I'd like to let Redmine call an external hook when there is any kind of activity / update on any issue: something lik...


17:49 Redmine Help: Creating issue by email from known but non-member users
Hello forum. We set up creation of new issues from emails, with Redmine 3.3.0.stable, and that is working perfectly a...

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