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08:41 Redmine Job offers: CLOSED - Google Drive Plugin Integration
Dear Members,
We are looking for some help to integrate Remind (ver 3.x.x) with google drive, the idea is to assoc...


20:28 Redmine Feature #549: Indicate issue dependencies in gantt
Very useful extension, installed on my 1.1.1 redmine version with no problem.
thanks a lot!!


21:36 Redmine Plugins: RE: Risks plugin
Stéphane Pinchaux wrote:
> Yes, I agree.
> But I don't know which RedMine version are compatible, all I can say is ...
16:54 Redmine Plugins: RE: Risks plugin
I suggest to inscribe this usefull plugin to the Plugin Directory


21:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
I'd same problem with 1.8.6 but the upgrade to 1.8.7 solved it ...
18:46 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
Sergey, check out your ruby version... using 1.8.7 ??


20:35 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Lock Users Plugin v 0.1.0 Released
Usefull plugin!... is there're a way to unlock the users locked by this rake task?


18:02 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
I installed this version 005 of this plugin, but appears an error when I tray to export:...

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