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14:56 Redmine Feature #1011: Add voting to tickets
Activate plugin so we are sure that it will be upgraded to future Redmine versions. Željko Trogrlić
14:52 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Calendar / Meeting schedule
+1 Željko Trogrlić


22:09 Redmine Plugins: Textile preprocessing plugin
I would like to write plugin that changes textile page before conversion to HTML. Can you give me a couple ...
Željko Trogrlić


22:00 Redmine Feature #5450: Move wiki page to other project
Terence Mill wrote:
> Is there a workaround at the moment?
I had to split project in two, so I copied whole proje...
Željko Trogrlić


22:47 Redmine Feature #1040: Global wiki
+1 Željko Trogrlić
22:42 Redmine Feature #381: general wiki for the whole site
+1, can be used for
* organizational issues
* common technical topics
Željko Trogrlić
17:28 Redmine Feature #6213: Common acronym definition
See: Željko Trogrlić
17:17 Redmine Feature #6213 (New): Common acronym definition
It is possible to define acronyms using Textile
IP(Internet Protocol)
but that means that acronyms must be defined...
Željko Trogrlić
17:25 Redmine Feature #6214 (New): Page name expansion for links
Writing [[SomePageName|some page name]] every time just to add space is lots of unnecessary work.
Wiki should repl...
Željko Trogrlić
17:12 Redmine Feature #6212 (New): Page synonyms
Writing text/link pair every time is too much trouble; it would be easier to define page synonyms.
So instead of
Željko Trogrlić

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