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19:23 Redmine Plugins: RE: Rails 2.3.4 - Plugin routes.rb change
Eric Davis wrote:
> The Redmine core will be upgrading to Rails 2.3.4 this next week. As part of this upgrade we wi...


10:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Logo?
Martin Herr wrote:
> Template Example v2 - without lot of red ;)
> !!


13:24 Redmine Help: Configure default activities
Hi there everybody. I have a question if anyone can help: how can I define the default activities that will show up i...


18:15 Redmine Patch #2482 (Closed): Named scopes in Issue and ActsAsWatchable plus some view refactoring (logic...
Added named_scope in Issue and ActsAsWatchable replacing custom finder method declarations in model classes and custo...


16:32 Redmine Patch #2459 (New): Links and filters for project and author in activity and search pages
The following patch adds links to _Project_ and _Author_ in _Activity_ page, as well as filters for filtering _Activi...
16:01 Redmine Defect #2057: In Activity view, changeset description is not multiline
It's a dupe of #204
15:34 Redmine Patch #2431: Add a link to project homepage in the title
From a usability perspective I don't agree with this. The link on the headline should be for the project's *redmine* ...


18:40 Redmine Defect #2021: Apache + PHP + modrails (Phusion Passenger)
(for the stupid people like me)
Add the following to the vhost configuration to disable mod_php:...

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