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10:46 Redmine Feature #10460: Option to copy watchers when copying issues
It should be optional, as fangzheng mentioned. Maybe with a configurable default value?


16:26 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue action menu hook
That's not possible up to Redmine 2.1. I'm being stuck at that problem with 1.4.x right now, too.
Unfortunately th...


17:18 Redmine Help: Thin + Redmine: Slow as if it would restart the app after idle
I am using Thin as a server behind an Apache2 proxy that's serving 3 instances of Redmine. Whenever I "init...


16:35 Redmine Patch #3461: Manage permission on issue assigment
added translations to my patch
16:10 Redmine Patch #3461: Manage permission on issue assigment
I've created a new patch to handle this. Hope the patch file is created correctly, it's my first diff ;) Just look in...

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