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15:08 Redmine Feature #21930: Change priority depending on the due date
...would be better with a "RoR layer" but you can create a daily mysql event with:
<code class="sql">...


19:48 Redmine Feature #1474: Show last comment/notes in the issue list


10:50 Redmine Feature #22098 (Closed): Open attached pdf files in the browser
10:47 Redmine Plugins: RE: Is their a way to have Redmine open pdf files in the browser?
Works perfectly! Thank you Joel. This should be default or at least available as an option in redmine.


15:23 Redmine Feature #12540: Sort fields in filter dropdown
+1 this would be a great feature


09:41 Redmine Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks


10:51 Redmine Feature #6899: Add a relation between the original and copied issue
@mischa great! thank you :)


09:38 Redmine Feature #16959 (Closed): Default status of copying closed issue
Conflict between #3877 and #1551.
09:36 Redmine Patch #3877: Copy issue status when issue is copied
Conflict with #1551
09:28 Redmine Defect #1551: Copying issues resets Status
Current behaviour: Copying issues keeps status :( If I copy a closed issue I create a new closed one. Redmine 2.5.1

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