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03:13 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
hmm, didn't see that code review plugin... guess this issue got a little stale :) I still like the github interface b... Aaron Soules
02:53 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
I wrote the part for adding comments to a changesets (using the existing Journal model). I couldn't figure out how to... Aaron Soules
03:02 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
There is an excellent rails plugin called acts_as_paranoid that could potentially be used. I sets a deleted_at field ... Aaron Soules


19:16 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
Agreed, I use redmine at work for several projects and we would benefit from repository comments. I would like to rep... Aaron Soules

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