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Code Review Module

Added by Gabriel Moreira about 13 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Create a integrated code review module like atlassian crucible, reviewboard, rietveld, mondrian etc...

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#1 Updated by Lane Roathe about 13 years ago

+1 - this would be a very good feature for those of us using Redmine for project planning/management vs simple bug tracking.

#2 Updated by Anonymous about 13 years ago


#3 Updated by Philippe Lafoucrière about 13 years ago

+1, agree with Lane

#4 Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 13 years ago

Should be a plugin, not a feature: redmine has to stay as lightweight as possible out of the box.

#5 Updated by Octavian Cacina about 13 years ago

+1, A fist step: allow comments on Changesets, it would be a big improvement in this direction.

#6 Updated by Gabriel Moreira almost 13 years ago

I agree. Allow comments on Changesets is more simple to begin.

Review Board: OpenSource (

Atlassian Crucible Commercial (Has more features then Review Board)

#7 Updated by Aaron Soules almost 13 years ago

Agreed, I use redmine at work for several projects and we would benefit from repository comments. I would like to replicate the github comment system, where you can tag your comment with a specific line number. That way my team could use it as a lightweight code review system. Once that works, I would like to add a feature that allows the commiter to request reviews from other users.

#8 Updated by Oleg Lozinskij over 12 years ago


#9 Updated by Silas Sewell over 12 years ago


#10 Updated by Alexey Lapitksy over 12 years ago


#11 Updated by Aaron Soules over 12 years ago

I wrote the part for adding comments to a changesets (using the existing Journal model). I couldn't figure out how to get a checkbox to show up in the email notification prefs, but I also wrote the code that sends an email to the revision committer (and other users who have commented) when someone comments on a revision.

Please let me know what I can improve/fix, This is my first contribution to Redmine :)

I've attached my diff against r2824

#12 Updated by Aaron Soules over 12 years ago

hmm, didn't see that code review plugin... guess this issue got a little stale :) I still like the github interface better, which is what I was going for. Any thoughts? Should this code stay outside of Redmine Core?

#13 Updated by Anton Nepomnyaschih about 12 years ago

There is code review plugin for redmine. It looks great: http://www.redmine.org/boards/3/topics/5878

#14 Updated by Etienne Massip almost 10 years ago

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#15 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 8 years ago

You can use the Code Review plugin. It works very well and quite the perfect module.

#16 Updated by rm user about 8 years ago

Dipan Mehta wrote:

You can use the Code Review plugin. It works very well and quite the perfect module.

no it's not giving accept/reject functionality and not e-mailing status to the person who commited into repository.

you can only comment on specific revision line or whole revision (not really convinient because it creates an issue per each line).

in other words: its not suitable for using in production environment.

i read a lot about gerrit/reviewboard might give it a try later.

#17 Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] almost 2 years ago

nowadays from a developer team perspective this is a must have feature.

#18 Updated by Robert Schneider almost 2 years ago

@pasquale : there is this plugin which is compatible with version 4.0: https://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_code_review

#19 Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] almost 2 years ago

Hi Robert, thanks for your answer. I was looking for something similar to Review Board core or integration.
Do you use redmine_code_review in your daily workflow with your peers?

#20 Updated by Robert Schneider almost 2 years ago

No, I have no experience with it. Never done Code Reviews, unfortunately.

#21 Updated by rm user almost 2 years ago

pasquale [:dedalus] wrote:

nowadays from a developer team perspective this is a must have feature.

I'd recommend using gitlab with pull requests, much better for code review. Also you can integrate gitlab with redmine by disabling issues in the gitlab and linking them to your redmine installation.

#22 Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] almost 2 years ago

GitLab Is very good, but I'm on Mercurial repositories.

#23 Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] 6 months ago

As Idea, recently bugzilla has integrated an external code review tool (Phabricator) with this approach and now a specific section is present in the issue page as show under:

A similar implementation on Redmine side, could be a great improvement\step forward for the community.

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