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21:36 Redmine Feature #23634: Restrict permissions for anonymous role
I would like to use redmine so customers can anonymously submit bugs but don't have access to anything else apart fro...


00:41 Redmine Defect #33427: Upgrading Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.04
This is not a bug, so a bug tracker isn't the best space.
Also, you should probably instead ask for help with Ubun...


22:06 Redmine Feature #13111: New setting to include the status changes in issue mail notifications subject
I disagree Peter Volkov; this is a longstanding usability issue; and if the fix is simply to remove a field from the ...


19:40 Redmine Patch #5535: Assigned to issuelist filter: added <nobody> value
Wished I had this feature today! What can we do to pick this up again?


22:25 Redmine Feature #26045: Does API REST show fields added by plugins?
It currently doesn't, but there's a patch to enable the hooks required for this: #15986
22:24 Redmine Patch #15986: Hook for REST API
The provided patch looks reasonable to me.
I found this because I was looking for a way to get the tags associated...

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