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17:26 Redmine Patch #37135 (Closed): Reduce extra queries in ProjectQuery.default
Same as #36503 but for ProjectQuery.
Currently redmine tries to select @default_project_query@ even if settings are ...


16:46 Redmine Defect #36794: Issue copying ignores workflow rules
Patch with fix attachment:"36794.patch"
16:45 Redmine Defect #36794 (New): Issue copying ignores workflow rules
@Issue.copy@ ignores rules defined by workflow for status @New@ (new issue form).
A simple example.
Let's say w...


13:33 Redmine Patch #36742 (New): Scroll to top button
As title says the patch adds a small button to the right bottom of the page. On click scrolls to top.


11:14 Redmine Patch #36503: Reduce extra queries in IssueQuery.default
Isn't there also suppos...


08:54 Redmine Defect #36517 (Closed): Label error_can_not_execute_macro_html in Russian translation is broken
Label error_can_not_execute_macro_html misses second parameter @error@. It was changed in r21023.


16:55 Redmine Defect #36453 (Closed): Issue subject overflow in subtasks and relations tables
If issue has a pretty long title it will took all available space in table row.
Here are the screenshots with a pr...


12:45 Redmine Defect #36446 (Closed): Watchers autocomplete fails with 403 error when the search is made from m...
Autocomplete is broken when bulk adding watchers for issues from different projects.
How to reproduce:
1. Open ...


13:41 Redmine Patch #36438 (New): Support nulls first/last option for sorting order of custom queries
A lot of RDBMS has support for placement of null values at the start or end using options nulls first/last.


12:15 Redmine Patch #36429: Make issue tabs DOM more consistent
Marius did a great job in #31573. I guess this and #31573 could be done in one series of patches since both issues ha...

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