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16:20 Redmine Patch #38820 (Closed): retry in case of stale issue during Issue.update_versions
This is quite the corner case but we had this issue occur with one client at "Planio": Jens Krämer


02:09 Redmine Job offers: RE: Redmine Hosting
Have you checked out Planio ( already? We offer
Redmine hosting, optionally with your own customisat...
Jens Krämer


04:31 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin conflict: helper method included by one plugin seems to disappear when another plugin is present
There is no magic involved relating to the module name, it's because of the way how helper methods declared in contro... Jens Krämer


12:10 Redmine Defect #38254 (Closed): Time Entry Import fails to import custom fields with "User" format
the custom value lookup during the import relies (in the case of custom fields with field format "User") on the proje... Jens Krämer


03:52 Redmine Patch #37862 (New): Estimated time remaining issue query column
The attached patch, which was extracted from "Planio":, adds an issue query column tha... Jens Krämer


13:33 Redmine Patch #37750 (Closed): Use existing html pipeline based sanitization for links in custom fields
these patches, extracted from "Planio":, introduce a standalone HTML sanitizer class (... Jens Krämer


09:15 Redmine Feature #37674: Upgrade Admin/Users list to use the query system
That looks good to me. Thanks Marius! Jens Krämer


03:51 Redmine Defect #37237: Common Markdown Formatter does not render all properties on HTML elements
Reusing parts of the commonmark HTML pipeline for the other formatters is definitely something we should do in the fu... Jens Krämer
03:44 Redmine Feature #37674: Upgrade Admin/Users list to use the query system
My bad, I didn't override @joins_for_order_statement@ to account for that. Attached patch fixes this. Jens Krämer


13:11 Redmine Patch #37713 (Closed): Add rel="noopener" to all external links that would open a new tab/window
This patch extends the ExternalLinksFilter to add @rel="noopener"@ where necessary.
This is a safety measure to prev...
Jens Krämer

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