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08:46 Redmine Patch #35073: escape values in LIKE statements to prevent injection of placeholders (_ or %)
In general I believe these SQL wild cards are nowhere documented in the Redmine context (please correct me if I'm wro...
07:32 Redmine Patch #32424: CommonMark Markdown Text Formatting
Awesome, thanks for your work to bring it all together :)
07:27 Redmine Patch #34479: Fix possible race condition with parallel, identical file uploads
Andriy Lesyuk wrote:
> We had a situation, when several files with the same name were uploaded at the same time. All...
07:25 Redmine Patch #35539 (Closed): Race condition (possible filename collision) in Attachment.disk_filename
When two (or more) files with the same name are uploaded at the same time, it may happen that two or more of the resu...


11:54 Redmine Patch #35505: add enabled core fields to /trackers API response
Note: we named the element in the API response `enabled_standard_fields` despite it is `core_fields` in the code, bec...
11:51 Redmine Patch #35505 (Closed): add enabled core fields to /trackers API response
In some scenarios it might be helpful for an API client to find out what core fields a certain tracker has enabled.
11:48 Redmine Feature #31920: Require 2FA only for certain user groups
looks good to me!


08:36 Redmine Feature #7360: Issue Custom Query: Default Query
We're planning to introduce this feature in "Planio": , so I took the liberty to look ...


05:02 Redmine Patch #35217 (New): Replace use of Digest::MD5 / Digest::SHA1 with ActiveSupport::Digest
Rails introduced @ActiveSupport::Digest@ to allow central configuration of the actual digest implementation that is u...


12:03 Redmine Defect #35201 (Closed): Duplicate entries in issue filter values
when filtering the issue list for multiple assignees, the redisplayed filter values box contained the selected users ...

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